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DENTAL IMPLANTS: CASH COW, HEALTH SCAM! Don't pay thousands to be a "test dummy" for these selfish, unproven, dangerous procedures!

DENTAL IMPLANTS, being done by virtually every licensed dentist in the country (and, conceivably, even some who are unlicensed), should be illegal except in cases of catastrophic accident or illness. At the very least, dental implant procedures should be limited to installation by oral surgeons only - and even then, only those with additional, special training in the procedures and the myriad of serious potential complications involved. Even oral surgeons should be held to strict standards regarding minimum staffing and specialized equipment for implant procedures. These complex procedures cannot be safely and effectively done in small, squalid "general practitioner" surroundings, by dentists who "went to a seminar" or "read a trade magazine article about it."

Allowing inadequately trained general dentists, in minimally equipped, understaffed dental clinics (there are even mobil dental clinics - run from large vans - doing the work), to perform these risky, invasive implant procedures is as absurd as allowing general practitioners to perform open-heart surgery on an out-patient basis. What's next? Dental implants at the mall? Dental implant "salons" at Walmart? Hey, Mom can get her nails done while Dad gets dental implants at the booth next door! Don't laugh - under current law it could happen!

I have permanent nerve damage because a Las Vegas dentist, Geraldine Joiner, D.D.S., "experimented" with these dental implant procedures on me almost SIX YEARS AGO - and BOTCHED the job . . . big time. There is no effective treatment (removal of the implants, bone abridement surgery, laser beam treatment (total quackery in this application, as if burning the surrounding flesh would magically make the severed nerve endings mend themselves - but, hey, "anything for a buck," right, guys?). Bottom line: there is no cure for nerve damage received during faulty dental implant procedures.

Truth be told, the symptoms only get worse: the drooling, the spitting, the lisping, the tongue and cheek and lip biting and lack of muscle control while eating (I basically have to eat with my face stuck in a bowl - like an animal - I think there's food stuck to that side of my face, and nothing's there, or I have food stuck to my face and can't feel it), above and beyond the constant feelings alternating between numbness and electrical charges - all horrible and permanent symptoms.

And I don't believe my experience is unique. Patients who experience pain, numbness, feelings of electric shock just under the skin, etc. (the collective term for which is "parasthesia"), following implant procedures are immediately and continually told, as I was, that "it will go away - you'll be fine." And isn't is amazing that how, when pressed, they each had "one" patient with the same problem - "but it went away." Right. On one hand we're told, "this almost never happens," but then after the fact there are these supposed "professionals" who have performed "hundreds" of corrective procedures for anomalies involving dental implants. If complications are so rare, where did they get all this corrective experience? If injuries, such as mine, are so remote, why do they require the patients to sign multi-page disclaimers prior to the procedures?

Dental implant procedures, advertised in the most deceptive manner ("teeth in one day" patients biting into an apple (I couldn't eat anything more challenging than Spaghetti-O's and instant oatmeal for almost a year) immediately after the procedure, etc. - clearly a legal and ethical violation of informed-consent obligations), are the new physician-run "pill mills" and should be approached with the same regulatory zeal as the "pushers" running those types of clinics. And, similar to the "feel-good clinics" that exploit the law and human weakness for the sake of obscene profits, the time can't be far off - if it's not happening already - that we're going to see implant "pushers" migrating from state to state when things get too "hot" in a particular jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, until these types of injuries relating to dental implants happen to a U.S. Senator or someone in his or her family, it seems little will be done to change current rules and policies regarding who can do dental implant procedures and under what conditions.

Anyone who thinks this doesn't affect them, because they're not senior citizens (the principle target market for dental implants) is missing the collective, downhill implications here. Traditional dental treatment as we've known it for the last several decades is being eroded by the big-buck promise of dental implants. The mantra of "save the teeth, if at all possible" has changed to "let 'em rot - the implant replacements will pay for my new house!" A local periodontist actually has "Periodontist/Implantologist" on his signage and business cards. No surprise that he wasn't "able" to do anything for my gums but "check 'em again next month" . . . and suggest some implants(!) for the affected area. Is anyone so dense that they don't see the conflict of interest involved there? We're looking at a system that encourages these people to do nothing - fraudulently and deceptively - so they have a shot at a bigger payday on down the road. 

The current, overly permissive and irresponsible, anything-for-a-buck policies and actions of the dental implant industry remind me of what Harry Markopolos (chief fraud investigator and whistleblower in the Bernie Madoff case) said in his book No One Would Listen: "The health-care industry makes Wall Street look honest."

Legislators (especially California-based, where the chief manufacturer and promoter of dental implants, Nobel Biocare USA*, is located), please do what you can to introduce legislation that will re-define and restrict these dangerous, unproven procedures, especially in the hands of under-trained, under-equipped, under-staffed general dentists (or simply deem implant procedures by general dentists as "practice drift" under existing regulations), and limit the negative impact on public health that will continue to rise as the dental implant "cash cow" becomes more and more widespread. - Ray Parker, Coalition for Dental Implant Reform

* * *

"LIAR, LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!" If ever there was a company managed and staffed by lying twits, it is Office Depot. Their claims of "Next-day Delivery" plastered all over their catalogs and flyers are a bald-faced lie! Several years ago they hung me up waiting THREE WEEKS for an office machine I ordered, each day when I would call in, the clerk would say, "It will be delivered tomorrow." Nothing's changed. A toner cartridge I ordered at a local Office Depot, which refused to have it shipped to the store for pick-up, was promised the next day for home delivery, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day . . . at which point I cancelled the order. Don't use Office Depot, folks. Any Walmart, K-Mart or Target has most or all of the office supplies we use, better availability and lower prices. - Publisher

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WHAT WAS THAT MEDICINE FOR? If you've ever wondered what a prescription medicine was for, because it didn't say on the label, ask if your state has a regulation giving patients the right to have that information printed on the label. When you're being prescribed for, request that that information be included on the label. In Nevada it's NRS.639.2352; other states will have their own rules and references, but most will provide for allowing some clue as to the prescription's purpose. Remember to ask at the beginning of the prescription process. - Editor

AARP/THE HARTFORD ROADSIDE AUTO SERVICE BOYCOTT: Don't use AARP Roadside Auto Service through the Hartford. It the worst example of a paid non-service that I can remember having the misfortune of having to deal with. After paying for Hartford's insurance products, home and auto insurance, as well as the roadside service for several years, I was left stranded for hours by their local towing service company. This segment of the AARP's service isn't worth the paper it's printed on. - RMP

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